Monday, August 7, 2017

To Blog or Not to blog?

*dusts off the cobwebs*

Hello blog.  I know, I know, it's been a while.  It felt like we might be heading towards a breakup.  Many people have been turning towards the pretty pictures and quick fix of Instagram, and the interactivity that Youtube provides, myself included.

And life has just gotten so busy!  We had out of town guests for a month, then a pipe leak under our slab - the 3rd one we've had to deal with in 10 months.  Weeks later, thousands poorer, and many holes in the walls and cement floor later, THREE leaks have been repaired, we have running water, stove and washing machine are usable (though still pulled away from the walls because holes everywhere).  In the depths of despair - did I mention this is the THIRD pipe leak in less than a year - I decided I was through with this neighborhood that has pipes under the cement and shifty soil. Literally overnight two weeks ago I proposed we move, found a house we love, spent 3 days clearing out, painting, prepping my mom's house and got it to market. It's been cray cray!  Once we do move we will sell our house.  I just have to keep telling myself it will all be worth it in a few months when we've gotten through this tough time and are settled into our new home.  

Finding creative time has been a challenge.  Understatement of the year. But I must.  Because since my last post I have joined The Wild Hare Kits Design Team.  My first DT!!!! #SQUEEEEEEEEEE

Been dying to share this news! Beyond excited and honored to be part of the inaugural design team for @thewildharekits ❤️❤️❤️ This is going to be unlike any kit club out there - it's all about customizing it for you. Guys, this is my first design team! I'm jumping up and down like a madwoman!!! 😆 ... #Repost @thewildharekits ・・・ Drumroll please......Here they are! I'm so excited and humbled to share the talent of this amazing team of ladies with you. It's gonna be a great year! THANK YOU to everyone who applied. We had such an abundance of amazing applications that we will also be featuring a monthly Guest Designer on the website as well. If you haven't signed up for the email list yet, hop on over to and sign up today. #thewildharekits #designteam20172018 #wildhareisallaboutYOU
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And so the answer is: to blog.  At least a little.  I've started a Youtube and have a handful of videos up.  I feel it's personable in a level that blogging is not. This blog will be the hub and YT/IG will supplement the blog.  We're not breaking up after all, just expanding our family. 😉 

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